Refugee Workers Cultural Association


  • Empower and support, migrant communities so they feel safe and confident to navigate and access the complex mainstream services system and challenges, maximising opportunities and fulfil their potential.
  • Promote members rights and strengthen social cohesion.
  • Help other organisations/services/groups including mainstream service providers to enhance understanding of this disadvantaged community and their issues so to better meet the needs of migrants.
Refugee Workers Cultural Association
  • Help communities to make informed positive choices through the provision of information, guidance and support.
  • Provide advocacy support for migrants especially for the most vulnerable to ensure their rights are protected.
  • Facilitate access to mainstream provision including healthcare, employment, advice and information.
  • Produce information and interpretation to support members to communicate with decision-makers, the wider community.
  • To increase the number of migrants who access our specialist, transformative services.
  • Deliver cultural programmes that the community can part-take and celebrate traditions.
  • To provide adaptive and innovative responses to changing needs.
  • Provide a safe, inclusive and accessible community centre.
Refugee Workers Cultural Association

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