Vision Our vision is to provide culturally sensitive, inclusive and linguistically appropriate, responsive services that effectively meet the needs of the Turkish and Kurdish community in the UK.


To be the voice of the Turkish and Kurdish community and support their integration in to UK society.

Being a sustainable, responsible organisation driven by our values

Our Values

· Fairness and social justice; equality, inclusion and diversity Strengthening community voice to effect change

· Working towards enabling members to gain the tools they need to become fully integrated and justified contributor into UK society

· Community/people-led; partnership and collaboration focused; responsive and evidence driven; enabling; behaving with integrity, dignity and respect

· To be a credible and trusted authority on the needs and aspirations of Turkish & Kurdish community in the UK.

· To be an independent, accountable, value-led and sustainable organisation


· RWCA better equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver successful projects and improve our understanding on the needs of our community.

· Be in apposition to provide skills and knowledge on the needs of the Turkish and Kurdish community to the wider public, mainstream service providers and funders.

We will measure the impact of our project by working towards and analysing the following outcomes:

1. Greater number of members feeling they are being heard and listened to

2. Reduced levels of isolation and loneliness felt amongst members recovering from Covid-19 or those more vulnerable and immune suppressed to attend events in a socially distant and safe-environment.

3. Increased number of members maintaining attendance

4. Reduced levels of loneliness experienced by those making new friends

5. Assessment of those involved expressing a greater sense of community cohesion since the Covid-19 lockdown


There is better, more accurate timely information and evidence of the needs of Turkish & Kurdish communities locally and regionally.

1. RWCA community centre is known and trusted as a place that is safe and inclusive and builds strength in communities; for social interaction, volunteerism, civic pride, culture and arts.

2. Turkish & Kurdish communities are more confident, able and have the know how to communicate their needs and issues to local authorities and external agencies.

3. Service user data demonstrates trust in a central point of support, information and advice

4. Greater awareness of and access to mainstream services

5. Volunteers and Service users strengthen their ties within the community and broadened their support network, exposing them to people with common interests, neighbourhood resources, fun and fulfilling activities.

Our service users have reported experiencing positive benefits, in terms of increase in physical and emotional health and well-being, self-confidence, self- esteem, social relationships.

People we work with:

Refugee Workers Cultural Association RWCA worker with Turkish and Kurdish minority communities of north London specially in London Boroughs of Haringey, Enfield, Hackney and across London.

Turkish and Kurdish communities face significant issues which are both specific to them and shared with the local communities of which they are part. Deprivation and low income, significant housing and health issues, high rates of unemployment and lack of professional progression constitute some of the problems which these communities face in the London. Language barriers and lack of knowledge of life in the UK are additional factors.

What we are known as:

A credible and trusted authority on the needs and aspirations of Turkish and Kurdish Migrants.

An independent, accountable, value-led and sustainable organisation. Informed by overarching theories and the unique needs of our community, driven by goals of empowerment, and self-care, enabling community engagement which facilitates a process of recognising and acknowledging ways to reduce power differentials and increase the building of trust and relationships.